Nurturing Relationships

Hi! This is Albie from Pasadena, California,

I want to share with you a book that changed my life. It’s called the Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn used to talk about nurturing your relationships like a garden: you have to keep working on them or the “weeds” will grow. This is also true with your health and your business too. 

I want to impress on your mind the idea of “Consistency with your work. Sometimes people fall out a program just because they have no consistency.

You will notice that many things are not easy and that success is built one day at a time and that it takes time. This is a fact: If you have a passion to change your lifestyle, you will succeed. But anything less than that will fail. And having a passion with consistent effort will eventually pay off.

Jim Rohn said it best: “What’s easy to do {your daily consistent effort in your business in this case} is also easy not to do.” And that is one reason why people fail: They stop being consistent.  

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Written by Albion Derbyshire c 2019

Inspired by Jim Rohn

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