6th SECRET: Build an Easy Web Page!

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Step Six:

“The real secret to online marketing is CONNECTING with people. Creating BRIDGES of communication is vital!
One such ‘Bridge’ is to build a Web Page.
This page can be used after people sign up on your Splash Page. The splash page may redirect them to your web page or you can redirect people there yourself after you have connected with them.
 I found GDI (Global Domains International) an excellent way of doing this. They are NOT expensive and they come set up with hosting! Once you choose your web name (and you have access to a huge assortment of names), they make it EASY to create your own Website! They can also set you up with a Word Press account if you prefer.”
Check out GDI Here:

To your success!


PS: *Buildabizonline will also help you with this step as it has C Panel Hosting (but it is much more work to get it set up).


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