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I’m going to begin by telling you the truth: making money online is WAY harder than people say!

Here’s my advise: If you’re trying to just make a little extra cash, its probably way easier to find something in your house you can sell on Craigslist. I’ve made lots of money from just doing this!

Okay, so if your still with me, and want to create a business that you can make consistent income with from anywhere in the world, here are my suggestions: I know talking about expenses is a difficult subject. In my first years marketing online, I was scammed multiple times and I had very little money. So I probably understand where you are coming from.

Let me say from the beginning that creating a business starts with an idea and this idea is Free. From there you can travel down the ‘road of free’ and potentially create a masterpiece! However, this takes a LOT of skill and a LOT of time. Just to be upfront and honest, I’ve joined 35 business over the years and worked each of them to a solid conclusion. Some I worked hard for years at a time. So my suggestion is to NOT go down the ‘do everything for free’ path. However, if you are going to anyway, here’s what I suggest.

The Free Business:

The first step will be to find a free business (which do exist) and to get paid in that business which will take some hard work. I spent a year just joining free business and working each of them trying to see how much money I could make. My results were poor. But maybe you will have more success than me. The second step you will have to do is to master all the free techniques for creating traffic. This is a lot of work too and I would almost say that you need at least 3-4 hours a day to do this successfully. It is my advise to join Reality Network for free (Secret #2) as this will give you excellent suggestions on accomplishing this. The last step would be to find some partners to help you finance the last parts of your business because money is definitely going to be needed in the long haul. Even if you buy tools for your business that are one time payments (most likely you will be working very hard to figure out all the codes and HTML that go with it.

When I say it will take money, for instance, just imagine having created a big mailing list over the years and not having an auto-responder to contact all your people. And any auto-responder, worth anything it all, is going to cost. Yes, true, there are many many business that have auto-responders connected to their system so that you can contact your mailing list. However, I would like to point out that after a couple of years, the chances of this business still being there are very low. Do you know how many companies I’ve joined and created lists with and then a year later they went out of business? I’ve lost lists with hundreds of people on it! I would definitely suggest building YOUR OWN LIST.

My suggestions If you DON’T have money:

First let me say I’ve been here! Secondly, you will be obligated to go down the “Road of the Free business”. Review what I wrote above and then go through the 10 Secrets. You will have to be very clever and very patient with yourself in this endeavor. Don’t forget – it will take a lot of time, so figure that in. Contact me for help. I have some free money making ideas that have created extra income for myself when I really needed it. See if you can generate some income to finance upgrading in Buildabizonline. It will only cost you $5 – $10 a month. I also would encourage you to join Reality Network in Secret #2, as it has excellent information on traffic sources and making money online with the least possible expense!

If you have a little money:

I’ve been here, and what little money I did have got taken by scam artists! I’m not going to lie to you, the internet is a dangerous place! Every turn you take, you will find people promising you the world. Its up to you whether you want to go down each of these roads and see if they are truthful. I can’t stop you doing that but I can give you some advise that was given to me: If you start a new business, give it three months without joining anything else. That way you can really see what its worth. You should be able to get paid during that time.

I’m also NOT going to tell you that there’s only ONE business that will get you to the top.  That’s why I will only suggest business that are quality. There are still many good business out there and the one I suggest, Buildabizonline, is only one of them. But the good ones are far and few in between. Many will scam you or gouge you for more money than you have – telling you that you will have to pay up before you will make money. This is rubbish! Of all those companies that I joined and spent all I had, I didn’t make a single dollar!

My suggestion if you don’t have a lot of money is to join BuildabizOnline. It is an excellent company with MOST of the tools you will need and it will also help you along with any questions that you have. It will only cost you $5 – $10 a month.

The next step you are going to have to take is to create traffic. Buying one time only traffic is different than buying one time only marketing tools! My suggestion is to build up your traffic muscles one step at a time. Save a little, get a little more traffic etc…What I did was to save up and buy the OTO offers (One Time Offer) which usually offers you a one time payment to use their advertising for LIFE. This is a GREAT deal and will save you TONS of money over the long run. I do not suggest paying monthly for advertising, but sometimes there is no alternative.

If you Do have money:

My ultimate suggestion, if you have the ability, is to go through each of the Ten Secrets and to join and upgrade as you go. BuildabizOnline will work for many of the secrets, as will Onyalist. Joining these two ALONE will give you a HUGE advantage. There are only four more programs after this and these will only fine tune your internet marketing: Secrets of the Big Dogs, Traffic Wave, and Global Domains International (GDI ). Yes and I almost forgot, traffic will cost you too. However, when you join Secrets of the Big Dogs, this program will break down the best traffic sources that give the best results.

My suggestion is to just do your best. Join BuildabizOnline first as this can help you with so many of the Ten Secrets in case you need to go slow in your spending. Usually not rushing is the best idea anyway! 

Once you have the Ten Secrets in place, you should know how to create income on a consistent basis. While you are still working on getting the Ten Secrets in place, you should also be able to create income too – just it may not be consistent!

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