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This page is designed to help you MASTERMIND about your online business in the following ways:

1) To give you 1-on -1 support with your Sponsor Albie.
2) To help inspire you to be more effective!
3) To help you find possible flaws in your marketing.

4) To give you new ideas!
5) To encourage you to talk to others about your success, your experiences, your problems and concerns.


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To Help Inspire You to be More Effective!

Are you working on these steps?


10 Crucial STEPS to Grow Your Online Business!

1) realize that to build something of value it’s going to take time and effort. Give yourself a lot of too to do this and learn. You are going to make a lot of mistakes so realize that ahead of time. Give yourself five years to build without putting this enormous pressure to succeed all at once.

2) Realize that in order to succeed you are going to need to focus. FOCUS on building your BRAND (you or a logo). Focus on building TRUST and a following. Then no matter what business you promote you won’t lose your people just because an affiliate business you have goes under. Also this enables you to focus on any one business you choose.

3) Realize that you are going to need more than one affiliate business for diversification. This is so that all your financial eggs are not in one basket. In doing this don’t lose your focus on building your brand and a team. Suggestion: Give 1-3 months attention on each affiliate business before jumping to another one (in other words, make sure you have that business all figured out and ready to go before you get another one ready. Make sure that each business fits your overall strategy!)

4) Have a way whereby you can brand yourself with every advertisement you send.

5) Find a platform/s where you can advertise more than one business at a time.

6) Build a mailing list. Mail to that list every day. Realize that you are building TRUST – not just emailing offers.

7) You are going to need big Advertising power. Realize that it’s going to take time, money and investment to create this.

8) Build a blog a little at a time. Advertise your blog intermittently so that people can connect with you and so you can build more of a brand and build more trust.

9) In building Trust you are going to need to build RELATIONSHIPS. In order to do this you need a way to really connect with people. But here’s a caution: Don’t put too much effort into any one person – unless that person deserves your attention. You need a team not the Lone Ranger. Don’t go crazy trying to make people do this or that. People are very fickle. Just “water and sow, water and sow and give time to grow.”

10) Work your business like a business! Work it consistently. Advertise daily. Connect with your team daily. Stay motivated and work on GROWING yourself!

See the Article Here:


To Help You Find Possible Flaws in Your Marketing.


You Do you have these Four Basics Tools in your business?

1) Are you using an effective Capture/Splash Page? Are they bringing your audience to an effective web-page?

2) Are you using a good Autoresponder to respond to your ever growing email list?

3) Are you sending out TONS of TRAFFIC every week to your capture page?

D) Are you CONNECTING with your customers? 

In the next section are a list of programs that I have found that have been of High Quality and very effective. Also there are recommended Capture Pages, Autoresponders & Traffic sites for you in the following section.


To Give You New Ideas!


A) Programs & Tools:

Here are a list of PROGRAMS that I have found that have been of high quality and very effective:

#1: Reality Network

Reality Network will walk with you through the ABC’s of Internet Marketing! It is all documented with proven systems that have worked for hundreds of other marketers. See exactly who made money doing what. Work with a TEAM that can show you step by step what your next move should be!

#2: BuildaBizOnline

Here I am able to brand, track, build capture pages, website & Autoresponder plus promote all my business links at once!

 #3: Onyalist

Here I am able to create my own email list, great capture pages and promote any business I choose.

#4: Secrets of the Big Dogs!

You want Traffic! Generate up to 10,000,000 (that’s right, I said ten MILLION!) targeted, pre-qualified prospects every month!


#5: GDI (Global Domains International)

Here I am able to share and make money promoting  my blog with things I am truly interested in and love. I am also able to build SEO for any and all of my business promotions. I can create important documents that my customers and team can read and learn from.
I mean, what’s the use of becoming an expert in any given field and not be able to share what you know to help others?

B) Traffic Sites:



I upgraded in this mailer and am able to send one Million emails a month! I love this!


I have experienced MASSIVE Response with this Mailer!

Email Marketing Evolved!


This Mailer has a HUGE Online Following for its Online Ads! Get Your Ads Seen!

Leads, Leads, Leads!


This Mailer is similar to quality and traffic hits that I get from Mountain High Mailer.

Mail Our List

One of my Powerhouse Mailers!

Blast My Ads!

Solos sent to 59 sites and over 108,000 members!


To Encourage You to Talk to Others about Your Success, Your Experiences, Your Problems and Concerns.




Feel free to leave your comments here about any of the TEN CRUCIAL STEPS listed above in MASTERMIND Section 2 OR on any other topic.

If helpful, comments will be added and published here!


Albie’s Online Team!




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