2nd SECRET: Have a Strong Main Business

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Second Secret: 


“The second secret for your online business is to have a strong, main business that works and that you have got PAID from! It should be something you are proud to show others!

It also should be a business that doesn’t gouge your new members (who need to be treated carefully and respectfully – as you should be working toward helping them personally). Along with this, if the business allows you to earn RESIDUAL income – that will be very important for you down the line.

I would also choose a main business for its teach-ability and for it to help your new members go from novice to master. You might want a business that is free to join initially (as to encourage signups and trust) but does have a front end membership fee and does have a way of making a lot of money on the back end without ‘gouging’ your members.

However, after picking a main business, realize that you are going to need more than one business for DIVERSIFICATION. This is so that all your financial eggs are not in one basket. In doing this be careful you don’t get SIDETRACKED from your main goals! Don’t lose your focus on building your brand, your mailing list and a team.”

What I Suggest: 


I like to use Global Donains International (GDI) because its an excellent company that’s been around many years, has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and is one of the 37 fastest growing companies in the United States.

There is a seven day free trial of GDI and then afterwords it costs $10 a month for the “yours for a lifetime” website. It comes with hosting and you can even have it set up with WordPress too. I love it myself and use it for my team and also for my own business purposes. This website you are viewing right now is a GDI website! 

I also work with GDI Team Elite, which is a free marketing system that works amazingly well to promote GDI online. 


.Here’s how to find success on our team:


 There are Sixteen Steps to help you on the path to success and becoming a team leader. Step Three will help you earn the $25 Starter Bonus,

Step Four with advertising and by the time you get to Step Nine you will have all the basic training you need to be a team leader including your website up and running,and in line to receive your six members.

Steps 10 – 16 are advanced Steps to give you ideas to maximize traffic, your email list and ideas for multiple income streams that work really well with GDI Team Elite. Each step you can complete in your spare time and there’s no rush. 


You can find out more about GDI Team Elite for free by clicking on the banner below: 



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To Your Success!


PS: *Buildabizonline will also help you with this business.




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