2nd SECRET: Have a Strong Main Business

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Second Step: 

“The second secret for your online business is to have a strong, main business that works and that you have got PAID from! It should be something you are proud to show others!

It also should be a business that doesn’t gouge your new members (who need to be treated carefully and respectfully – as you should be working toward helping them personally). Along with this, if the business allows you to earn RESIDUAL income – that will be very important for you down the line.

I would also choose a main business for its teachability and ability to help your new members go from novice to master. You might want a business that is free to join initially (as to encourage signups and trust) but does have a front end membership fee and does have a way of making a lot of money on the back end without ‘gouging’ your members.

However, after picking a main business, realize that you are going to need more than one business for DIVERSIFICATION. This is so that all your financial eggs are not in one basket. In doing this be careful you don’t get SIDETRACKED from your main goals! Don’t lose your focus on building your brand, your mailing list and a team.”

I like to use Reality Network, because for one, it is FREE and you will always have access to all the excellent tools and coaching. Secondly, it does not gouge its members and there is only a one time upgrade in order to make income and this upgrade is very inexpensive! Thirdly, it has an extremely powerful way of making a lot of money. But it does take time and effort. On every new level (after the 1st) that you achieve, there are rewards and paid compensation. Residual Income is also possible when you take your team (through Reality Network) into other business opportunities.

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PS: *Buildabizonline will also help you with this step.

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