7th Secret: High Touch!

Share what you love!
Share what you love!

Step Seven:

“High Touch: In building Trust you are going to need to build RELATIONSHIPS. In order to do this you need a way to really connect with people.”

I personally connect with people by adding a phone number box in the contact information section (so people can add their phone number when filling out the splash page). But there is more to it than that.

To connect with people does take work – but it’s
worth it!

Here are some tips:

1) Put your email and phone number at the bottom of your mailings.

2) Have a way to connect with your signups after they give you there contact information (I email, text and then call them).

3) I also send a personal email every week to my whole list. (That’s why I like Onyalist because I can do that and also connect them with my Traffic Wave auto-responder account too).

4) Also I like Onyalist because after they sign up you can set it so that the splash page redirects them to the web sight of your choice. I like to send them to my easy built web site from GDI (Secret 6) where I have a page that welcomes them and encourages them to contact me personally. I also have a link they can click that brings them to a contact form that I have with Classifiedadtracker.com

All in all, contacting people personally is the single most important step that I’ve found to make consistent income online.

Build Your mailing list, and awesome splash pages too!

To your success!


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