Network Marketing Tips




Let me just say say that I’ve been in at least six Network Marketing companies, some for more than 5 years each.

I’ve made $1000’s of dollars in the process but sometimes I lost money too.

Here are some tips for you:

1) Just get out there and make connections with live people. Give a business card or something. The important thing is not how well you do but that you are trying every day. After a while you will figure it out and make connections. One day I remember coming out of a store with ten prospective names and numbers! But I wouldn’t advise doing it that way. Better to just be yourself and meet people in the regular course and flow you if your day. Don’t go searching to meet people unless you don’t meet new people in the regular course of your day.

2) Fo through a hundred people as fast as you can connecting but saying the least amount possible to find out if they are open to marking extra income. Many will be curious, some will be interested but a tiny amount will be passionate about it. Those are the ones you want. Don’t focus on anything else! 

3) There is a way to meet people and do everything on Facebook. No more meetings or 3-way calls. Follow Robert Hollis below to learn his system of this. Connect with me and I will also help you.


I’m definitely not the expert in Network Marketing – even though I have huge reacources of knowledge and experience about it (that I am willing to share with you!)

I would encourage you to learn from a real master who has helped 52 people make over a million dollars each. 

Robert Hollis has hours of free videos and advice for you – all that personally changed my network marketing life. 

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