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I would like to start with the knowledge that Facebook is so big that it is larger than most countries. Understanding this will help you to realize it’s potental!

However, if your like me the one thing you don’t want to do is to irritate your friends and family with your business opportunity!

This is what I did when I first started out making money on Facebook. However, this is NOT how you have to do it! The good news is that there is a great way – whether paid or free to market without getting your family & friends involved!

Here are some quick tips for you before I give you the biggest tip:

1) learn about Attraction marketing. It’ll be the best thing you did. Take a course on it. It’s worth your time!

2) Make real friends by joining groups you are interested in and messaging people about things they post about that get you curious. Offer to give your new aqaintance something that will help or inspire them. Invite your new aqaintance to your own group. Welcome them in your group. You can make business posts in your own group without bothering your friends and family. If they like your business post, simply ask them if they are interested in making extra income. Go from there.

3) Post offers in local Facebook groups and on FB in your local city. Connect with people on there!

4) Offer to help people reach their goals. Really help them without it being about you.

5) Create and boost posts that ask and offer to answer questions that your market is asking. You can get leads from this.

Now for my biggest tip! 

Recently, I met a master Facebook marketer named Robert Hollis. After going through his course, it changed my whole approach to Facebook marketing. Now I am daily getting fresh traffic and eyes on my offers.

Robert has helped 52 others besides himself become millionaires. And some great news for you is that he has  TONS of free videos and help for you to become successful!

Join Robert now for a 3 min video that will get you started understanding what steps you need to take! 

Click here to go on Facebook and see Robert Hollis

After the video, connect with me also on my Facebook group by requesting to join.

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Then I will share with you the next four videos to help you!

We’ll see you there!





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