Email & Affiliate Marketing Tips


Email Marketing 

Creating an Email List with Auto Responder.
Why spend money to create your own list when there are business that help make a list for you through their system?
I would like to point out that after a couple of years, the chances of this business still being there are very low.
 I’ve joined and created lists and then a year later they went out of business!
I’ve lost lists with hundreds of people on it!

I would definitely suggest building YOUR OWN LIST and connecting it to whatever business you are promoting.



Using an auto-responder is an excellent form of consistent communication. This is an important step. In using an auto-responder, these are the steps:

1) Build your own mailing list.
2) Mail a personal message to that list every week.
3) Realize that you are building TRUST – not just emailing offers.
4) Use an AUTO RESPONDER to mail your list every two or three days.
I use Build my Mialing list & Auto Responder with Traffic Wave. They are a professional system that helps you build your list and will make your auto response messages professional and timely!

You can connect with Traffic Wave through clicking on the pic or banner below:







Affiliate Marketing Tips 



Beginner Tips 

(See below for Advanced)

     Affiliate marketing is basically the promotion of affiliate products and services. These are usually digital products or services bought over the internet but there are many exceptions. In fact anything that can be sold online can become an affiliate product.
You become essentially a reseller for a company and earn 20% – 50% of the original price that it is sold for.
If you are a beginner and need help getting started, it’s beyond the scope of this page to go into detail about this. However, I can refer you to an excellent free program that will help you learn all the basics…and more!

Its a free program forever but if you want to upgrade to earn with the program it costs $25. This program is worth its weight in gold and will show you how to make money a multitude of ways.

Click on the banner below for more details!


Advanced Tips:
 If you are an advanced marketer or think you are ready to jump in anyway, you can see the Exact 10 Steps I use to make money selling affiliate products and services.

Just click on the pic below to start! 



To your success!


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