Craigslist Marketing Tips


To begin I will share with you that I have made over $3000 marketing different things on Craigslist. To some this may seem impressive but to others it is a sign of my ignorance. If is truer that understanding Craigslist is the key.

I want to be upfront with you. Craigslist seems at the first to be an easy place to market. However, it is anything but this. It is a difficult and mysterious place to understand.

You will understand what I mean when you find your ad flagged or ghosted for apparently no reason.

Going in with this knowledge, make it your goal to understand as much as you can about Craigslist so you will experience the least amount of pain possible.

Here are a few tips for you:

1) Make a Craigslist accounts using your email.

2) Post one new ad to your account each day. Renew all your proevious ads on that account. Only post one ad each day unless you get sophisticated and change your IP address. This will stop you from getting flagged for the most part. Make sure you are consistent each day or your ads will expire!

3) Change your wording on your ads as Craigslist doesn’t like copycats.

I have also found three videos that can help you to get a bit of a grasp on Craigslist advertising.

These videos are only a few methods of advertising on Craigslist. These will just get you started. I would watch these and continue your education on YouTube and Google as you find need of it.





To your success!


PS: Let me know if you need any help! I’m always here for you.



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