The Art of Sales

Jim Rohn said: “…all of life is sales.”

However some people see negativity in being a sales person. Sales is everywhere in life if you really think about it.

For instance when you were young it might have been the sale of influencing your parents to get you a new video game.The sale of influencing a boss to hire you. The sale of influencing a man or woman to date you. You see! Sales does not have to be negative. But sales can be negative if you’re manipulating others.

Being truly Influential has these two traits:

a) Honesty

b) Talent

The tools of influence are having honesty and talent.

Having honesty means that people believe you as truthful and therefore reliable.

Having talent means that people respect you as someone who knows what they are doing.

If you can master becoming a person of value and honesty,

you will have the influence to make sales.

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Written by Albion Derbyshire, c 2019

Inspired by Jim Rohn

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