Make Income Sharing What You Love!

I realized a long time ago that if I didn’t pursue something I was passionate about, I would soon lose interest and that goal would die. Thats why “Sharing What You Love” became such an important part of my income strategy.

I really have a love for sailing, hiking and writing but could not seem to find a way to make a living traveling around the world doing these. I began looking at the internet, for that was something I could take with me everywhere.

Because I have a dream to travel, help others around the world and build up my family; I found that internet marketing and advertising affiliate products would be one great way of achieving that dream. True, online advertising is not my true passion but soon I found a way to unite my passion for sailing with internet marketing:

1) The first way of Making Income Sharing What You Love is through blogging. I found an excellent affiliate marketing company who’s strength is in advertising and blogging! That company was GDI (Global Domains International) Here you can share whatever is on your mind and still make money from the blogs connection to Google and other Search Engines and from advertising your blog to Safelists and Classified ad sites. 

To get your GDI blog, Click Here

2) The second way of Making Income Sharing What You Love is simply through an experienced understanding of online advertising.

True, I don’t know it all. That’s the genius of teamwork. We can help each other. Nevertheless, I have been doing online advertising now for several years and have found many of the “missing pieces” that many people are not aware of and don’t know how to implement. One of these missing pieces is building trust between you and your customers. This is easier said than done.

You can learn many of these secrets on this site (See Secrets 1-10). Building this trust and many other hard earned lessons is what I want to share with you!* If you need help, just simply Click Here to work with me one-on-one!


*For details on building trust, see my other article on the main page titled:

“Building Trust”

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